Tahlia Engelbrecht

Introducing… Tahlia with an H


Welcome to my website and blog.

My name is Tahlia. Tahlia, with an H.

A bit about me…

I’m a writer (just stating the obvious here 😉 )

I’m also an avid snack baker, photography trainee, artist, and martial artist. In that order. Snacks come first. Always.

If you’re wondering about the continued emphasis on the ‘h’ in my name, it’s really a simple story. After years of being called variations on ‘Tahlia’, (including Talia, Taylor, Tay and Tiana), with some interesting spelling in the mix, I thought emphasising the ‘h’ was a good idea.

So far, it’s working out.

When it comes to writing, my biggest area of passion is young adult and adult fantasy/ science fiction. I’m currently working on a YA fantasy novel, with the working title ‘The Twin Hypothesis’, and an adult sci-fi (untitled).

They’re both in the writing/editing stage, but I’m hoping to start querying for The Twin Hypothesis around the end of 2022.

Why a blog?

I’ll admit, it was a little daunting committing to a blog when there are so many incredible ones already on the web. So why would I choose to launch one anyway?

Here’s why: there are plenty of websites with advice from successful, established writers, which is great. You can learn so much from their experience. But I wanted to see the growth journey from writer to published author, too. I couldn’t find much of that.

The journey is where we learn most.

I’m on my own journey to improve my writing and deepen my love for literature. I know I’m not the only one, though. We’re all trying to grow ourselves and our creative endeavours.

I also know it can be a lonely journey, punctuated by self-doubt, question marks and ellipses.

I’d like to turn this blog into a place to explore words: to contemplate the questions that arise when creating; to find out what it is that makes books resonate with so many; to learn how we can pour ourselves into our works without running out of steam. My posts will be a mix of self-reflection, sleep-deprived musings, book reviews, and research.

My hope is this blog will empower you to replace those question marks with fullstops and ellipses with commas.

I’m not a fearless protagonist or kick-ass heroine with a plan for success. I wouldn’t last an hour in Katniss’s shoes (I like my snacks and oodie too much). I injure myself sometimes when I train martial arts – no opponent necessary. I fall into reading slumps and I stress bake because *anxiety*.

In short, I’m human – but I’m trying to be the best version of me that I can, so my writing can continue to develop and improve. I want to help you find that version of yourself too, whether you’re a writer like myself, a reader, or someone else entirely.

This is our safe space. Our growth space.

A place to learn, make friends, ask questions, find answers.

So, I hope you’ll join me for the journey, even if there’s no quest to Mordor to bring us all together (we could call it the Fellowship of the Thesaurus, though). If you’ve already found your best self, travel with us anyway. We’ll need your thoughts and encouragement along the way.

If there’s any particular content or discussions you’d like to see, drop a line in the comments below or using the contact form. You can also get in touch via social media. Click subscribe to the mailing list to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Writing might be a solitary thing, but it joins us in an undeniable way. So let’s write (and read!) alone, together.

Tahlia, with an H.

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