The Twin Hypothesis by Tahlia Engelbrecht

The Twin Hypothesis by Tahlia Engelbrecht

When Kya Caros saves a child of the ruling race from lowri beasts, she is awarded the opportunity to live and train at the palace with the Royals.

The only problem? Her twin brother, Kaid, already lives there. No one can know they’re twins, so long as he is bound by blood as the Prince’s protector.

With eyes from both races on Kya for her actions, her decision to accept or refuse the King’s invitation will alter the future of the Kingdom. As long as her people continue rioting for equality, refusing the offer so publicly will end with a coup against the King. As the blood-bound protector of the Prince, Kya’s twin would die if there were a rebellion.

If Kya accepts, she risks the discovery of her relationship with Kaid. The deceit against the Crown could very well end with the death of their family. But if she can keep her identity a secret, she’ll save her twin and protect their family. She only has to pretend like Kaid isn’t the second half of her soul while everyone watches.

Easy, right?