About me

About Tahlia Engelbrecht

My name is Tahlia, and yes, that’s with an ‘h’ 😉

I write young adult and adult sci-fi and fantasy.

My love for books probably started when my mum read the Lord of the Rings while pregnant with me. I grew up reading Ethel Turner, Louisa May Alcott, and C.S. Lewis, and spent my lunches nestled in the school library beanbags.

Nowadays, I spend my time writing and feeding my monstrous TBR pile, which never seems to shrink, no matter how many hours I devote to taming it.

I’m currently working on a YA fantasy novel and in the final stages of writing an adult science fiction book. I have a number of other ideas just waiting to be written. Alas, my hands can only move at 67 words per minute.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually practicing my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and RyuKonKai in preparation for the day I finally get sucked into the pages of my favourite novel. And yes, I sleep with a bo staff under my bed. Just in case.

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