Tahlia Engelbrecht

Hi! My name is Tahlia, with an H.

I write young adult and adult sci-fi and fantasy. I’ve loved words longer than I’ve known wardrobes could be magical. Lucy hasn’t come stumbling through my closet yet, but that could have something to do with all the shoes. Hmm.

I have a passion for reading, writing and exploring how and why different books resonate with us. If you’re interested in learning with me or following my writing journey, check out my blog where I’ll be sharing book studies, reviews, updates, and short stories.

Tahlia Engelbrecht

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The story of how I fell in love with writing

It’s crazy to think it’s already December of 2022. The new year is just around the corner, and like most people, it has me looking back on how my writing has developed since I first put words to paper. For me, December 25th doesn’t just mark Christmas. It also marks...

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 Writing: It’s supposed to be fun

I can already hear you saying, “Well, duh. Of course it is.” And you’d be right. But how many of us actually remember to have fun while we’re doing it? It’s easy to turn our creative processes into another daily grind, when that’s not what they’re supposed to be. I...

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Tethered: A Vocal+ New Worlds Writing Challenge

I originally wrote and published this story for Vocal+ New Worlds Writing Challenge. The prompt was to write the first chapter of a science-fiction story, using the first line: “nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say.” I loved the story that came out of this...

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Free Fall: Part Two

Part Two Missed Part One? Read it here. Mud squelched through my fingers, slipping away like grains of sand. I dug deeper, seeking purchase. I refused for this to be the end. I dragged myself another few inches forward, gasping at the pain the movement brought. My eyes remained locked on...

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The Long Way Home

I found this piece of wisdom while skimming through The Elements of Style this week. It resonated with me, not because it serves as a reminder there is no shortcut to hard work, but because it acts as a roadmap of sorts. How often do people tell you to take...

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Free Fall: A Fantasy Short Story

Part One Raindrops clung to my lashes like frozen tears. They seeped into the seams of my leather armour, turning my skin clammy and cold. My cracked boots struggled to grip the sodden ground, but my steps were sure. They had to be. I wouldn’t survive otherwise. I slipped between...

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Tahlia Engelbrecht

Introducing… Tahlia with an H

Hiya. Welcome to my website and blog. My name is Tahlia. Tahlia, with an H. A bit about me… I’m a writer (just stating the obvious here 😉 ) I’m also an avid snack baker, photography trainee, artist, and martial artist. In that order. Snacks come first. Always. If you’re...

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In the Works

The Twin Hypothesis by Tahlia Engelbrecht

The Twin Hypothesis

The Twin Hypothesis is young adult fantasy novel packed with blackmail, blood bonds and rebellion. It will appeal to fans of Sara B. Larson’s Defy trilogy and Kenley Davidson’s The Faceless Mage, with all the feels of KayLynn Flanders Shielded.

What I'm Reading

Curious about what I’m reading at the moment? 

Shatter by Aprilynne Pike

“I pause as the twinkling constellation of camera flashes momentarily blinds me.”
– Shatter, Aprilynne Pike, p.1

Shatter is book two of a young adult science/dystopian fiction duology. It’s a lesson in dealing with the fallout when things don’t go according to plan.

I’m only a few chapters in, but I enjoyed the first book (especially the ending, which only hurt a little bit), so I have high hopes for this one too. The 1700s Sonoman-Versailles setting gives the genre and characters a fresh spin, so it doesn’t feel like all the other science/dystopian fiction books you’ve picked up this year.

Shatter by Aprilynne Pike

Judo in Action by Kazuzo Kudo

“The two work together assisting each other to decide victory or defeat.”
– Judo in Action, Kazuzo Kudo, p.9

Found this particular book hidden away on a shelf at home. It was printed in 1981, with first publication in 1967. Interestingly enough, Kazuzo Kudo held a long-time dream of publishing a judo book (see preface), a dream that was realised by Judo in Action. It’s amazing how time passes, yet dreams remain the same: how many of us dream of reaching the publication stage and making an impact on our audience, as Kudo has done?

While I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, not Judo, there are a lot of cross-overs that make this book well worth reading. Like in anything, studying around your point of interest helps you to build an overall picture which you can apply to your learning. Interested to see where this book will take me.

Judo in Action by Kazuzo Kudo